Welcome to the wonderful experience of riding your horse to music.

Amanda by her own admission is completely obsessed with dressage to music and with the beauty of the horses' movement when combined with the right piece of music.

She works with riders of all levels and arrives at your yard armed with a professional public address system and over 4000 tracks to ensure you get the perfect music to raise your test to a new level.

She also arrives with a positive attitude, masses of enthusiasm, and many exciting ideas for you music and choreography.

Dressage riders are not the only ones to benefit from working to music; her clients include event horses, show jumpers, leisure riders, display riders and riding/pony clubs who recognize the benefits of riding to the perfect rhythm. You may not have experienced this approach to providing music before.

Many people happily send off a video and have the music edited to it, but the joy of Amanda's method is that you truly get to experience the feeling of your music.

Of course ABDM can still provide music to your own video, but she wants to offer you and your horse more.