Clinics & Lectures

Clincs are fantastic for riders and spectators to learn how to produce a test and select the correct music. We frequently work with Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs and groups of friends. Clinics can be a great introduction into freestyle and just what is needed to encourage new classes at riding club and pony club competitions that are fabulous fun as a rider and spectator.

We are happy to join you for a one off clinic to show you how to start the freestyle adventure, or we can arrange a series of clinics to take you right from the start, through to having a test and music competition ready, to go out and have fun. We can also provide a lecture demo using your own riders as guinea pigs, or we can provide a horses and riders perfect for Riding club level through to Grand Prix.


Throughout the year we hold several events at Preston Farm Stables. For those who would like to 'test drive' their music away from home, we offer ride and discuss days where you can ride your test to music. You ride your test to your music in front of a judge who will mark your test on a BD score sheet and then give you instant feedback. The judges we use are most helpful and constructive and can always help you add a little polish that may make all the difference when out competing.

You can then ride your test again, which will again be marked for your own records. This process can be invaluable when filmed, as the smallest of suggestions, can make a huge difference when watching back the two tests one after another.

All of our events are relaxed and fun days where enjoying your horse is paramount. You can meet new friends, share experiences, and of course the odd glass of wine, cup of tea and a slice of cake!