Dressage music, what springs to mind?
Boring lift music, In an English Country Garden, James Bond, or Pirates of the Caribbean ?

We want to give you more choice, music that gives your horse wings and you the chance to fly with him.

Our library consists of over 4000 licensed tracks (so far, more to come) and we come and play them for you, allowing you to work with your horse to the music until you both discover the perfect track.

Amanda has a photographic memory for music, and each horses paces and personality suggest a particular piece of music, she will find tracks that fit together to give the test a theme. Judges hate random music that leaps from one style to another.


For each level of competitive dressage there are certain movements that must be included, you could put them together end to end and have a test that fulfils the rules, but would it be artistic, or show your horse in the best way? Almost certainly not.

We help you to design the perfect floor plan, complete with a metaphorical safety net.

Each time you ride your test it will be a little different, your horse will react in a dissimilar way, arena surfaces may ride slow or fast or, your memory may fail, our choreography helps you to cope with all of these things.

Licensing Your Music

The legalities of the music industry can be a little baffling so here's what you need to know as a freestyle dressage rider. It is important to get these things right both to maintain the reputation of Dressage and support the music industry. There are 3 main agencies; PPL, PRS and MCPS.

Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) licence the transmission/performance of a recording. British Dressage have a licence with PPL, which will be sub-licensed to you. This allows, with conditions, music in the PPL repertoire to be used in dressage routines at competition and for practice (i.e. a public performance).

We will endeavor to fulfill all British Dressage's requirements and we will check that any music you select for your routine is in the PPL repertoire. However, the ultimate liability falls to you, the sub-licencee.

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS) licence the physical copying of music (physically and digitally) needed to get music from a CD or iTunes (etc) into a dressage routine. This only applies to our editing service where we use music not composed by us.

We can guide you through licensing your music. Music supplied by someone other than the copyright holder without an MCPS licence is illegal.The Performing Rights Society (PRS) are charged with licensing the underlying composition. So, where PPL remunerate whoever owns and performed on a version of a song, PRS cover the rights of the composer. The venue you perform at should have a PRS licence.