Amanda Birch Dressage music can take you through all the stages you will need to achieve the perfect end result.

Stage one
Meet us, and enjoy riding to a piece of music that really helps you bring out the best in your horse.

Stage two
Work with us to look at the patterns you use when you school your horse, and decide how to use these for the basis of your test.

Even if you don't think you can do dressage if you hack out you make shapes and patterns as you go (think of getting through a gate, going around a fallen log, or halting whilst you wait to cross a busy road) we can take those ordinary things that you do with your horse and make them extra ordinary!

Each level of test has prescribed movements that have to be seen and judged, but what raises the test to another level is the artistry that takes the list of movements and makes them CHOREOGRAPHY.

No level is too basic, and every level can be raised to excellence from walk and trot to Grand Prix.

We can explain all the movements that must be seen, so don't worry if you haven't found what you need to do at your level.

Stage three
Find the tracks of music that really represent the personality of you and your horse.

Ride to your music played on a professional public address system so that both you and your horse get the same feeling you will experience in the arena.

Stage four
We help you to combine these stages and from here we are getting very close to the day you enter @ A for your perfect freestyle.

We make a video of your test, the music is then edited to the video, this ensures that the music matches the movements of the test (the choreography) perfectly.

You then receive two copies of the disc, plus the declaration to send to British Dressage.

(see licensing details on Music & Choreography page)

The second CD is a spare to take to competitions just incase the first is lost or damaged by the show organizers.

If you have never done freestyle before, or you have been competing for many years we can help you achieve the results you really want, at this point we still remain in the background to help, so if you want us to, we can come and work with you and the completed music before you go out to compete. Just give us a call and we will be there.